B-Day Time!

Today is (Finally!) my birthday party. It’s themed around Terraria. However, it’s no normal party. We’re trying to make it feel like you’re entering the game. We’ve done quite a good job. It’s not finished yet, and no guests have arrived yet. Here are some pictures of what we’ve done so far:

P.S The Life Fruit was my idea. 🙂

-Mr. Cave

Why Did This Change? (Fixed!)

I only just realized that terraria.gamepedia.com changed the UI COMPLETELY within the last hour.  If any of the admins from there are reading this, could you please explain what is going on with the website? It’s back to the default template! This is not what I remember!Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 2.27.37 PM

-Mr. Cave

Edit: Somehow, I was on the mobile version… I scrolled to the bottom of the page and there was a button that read “Desktop”. I clicked it, this is what it looks like now:Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 7.38.28 PM

Now that’s what I remember!

I now have a Wiki!

Today I’m going to tell you my plan for my birthday. I just made a wiki, you can visit it here: http://terraria-stuff.wikia.com/wiki/Terraria_Stuff_Wiki So, all 3 of us ate Toaster Pastries for breakfast, next my dad was gonna go and buy me a grey iPod Touch, then we’re going to spend almost the whole rest of the day playing Terraria. And hopefully get thebookcave a steam account and Terraria. If this is also your birthday, happy birthday, and hope you have an amazing one too! BYE!

-Mr. Cave

Today I Don’t Feel Like Doin’ Anything… -Bruno Mars

So, today’s post is about music. That’s right, MUSIC. Something I’ve never talked about on this blog. So, this year’s most played song is Am I Wrong By Nico & Vinz. My favorites playlist on Spotify is called “thedarkcave’s favorites”. If you want to hear my favorite songs, take a listen to that playlist. Some include: Thriller By Michael Jackson, Uptown Funk By Mark Ronson (feat. Bruno Mars), and of course, the all important Despacito – Remix By Luis Fonsi (feat. Daddy Yankee, Justin Beiber). So, today’s post is kinda weird…

-Mr. Cave


So, right now I want an old smoke alarm, aka the FireX 120-4480, so if anyone is replacing a smoke alarm the looks like: FIREX-4480

Let me know.

There is also another old Smoke Alarm that looks like:FIREX-480

If you are replacing one of those, but don’t know how to throw it out properly, I’ll be happy to take it. Also, I made a new Movie Intro you’ll be seeing pop up around my InCollab™ movies with thedorkcave.

-Mr. Cave