The Big One Was Too Hot…

When Apple announced the iPhone SE, they said that iPhones would come in Small, Medium, and large. People that weren’t ready for a bigger phone were sticking with the iPhone 5S, a device that hasn’t been updated in years. So if you like the size of the 5 or still have a 4s because you don’t want to get a bigger phone, grab the iPhone SE. It’s also the cheapest iPhone on the market, at just $399.99, or 297.33 in pounds. If you have a 4″ iPhone, get the iPhone SE. It’s my favorite iPhone yet. (2nd place is the 3GS)

-Mr. Cave

It’s Time To Enter A New Dimension…

In… the ps4 lego dimensions. That’s right, I was FORCED to make a PSN account, so I could download the Sonic DLC for Lego Dimensions. But my 3GS works, running iOS 6.1.6 (end of the sentence) So that’s really all we did today, as well as some preparation for my Terraria themed B-day Party, which included lots of music, the corruption, and some quest ideas. That’s all for today. Bye for now!


-Mr. Cave

A Very Strange Reset Moment

So, you probably know by now that I like telephones. Well, something strange happened to me a few minutes ago. Probably something that never happened to ANYONE IN THE WORLD that uses a telephone. So, the story is: I was playing around with a Panasonic KX-TG2224W When I pressed a certain combination of 123 keys, the phone confirmation beeped, then shut off. It wouldn’t turn back on, so I left the battery out to prevent any further possible damage.  Then thedorkcave came downstairs and asked me what I needed. I put the battery in, it was fine. It turns out I just reseted the handset with a technician trick lol. Now THAT’S Something that doesn’t happen every day! (Or ever XD)


-Mr. Cave


Who’s there? thech. Thech who? THECHAIRCAVE! WHATWHAT! Yep. We’re getting a visit from thechaircave and thetallcave. Today! We’ve done some serious cleaning today. And i promise, that in the next post i’ll talk about wifi like i said in the previous post. 😉


Mr. Cave