I now have a Wiki!

Today I’m going to tell you my plan for my birthday. I just made a wiki, you can visit it here: http://terraria-stuff.wikia.com/wiki/Terraria_Stuff_Wiki So, all 3 of us ate Toaster Pastries for breakfast, next my dad was gonna go and buy me a grey iPod Touch, then we’re going to spend almost the whole rest of the day playing Terraria. And hopefully get thebookcave a steam account and Terraria. If this is also your birthday, happy birthday, and hope you have an amazing one too! BYE!

-Mr. Cave

Today I Don’t Feel Like Doin’ Anything… -Bruno Mars

So, today’s post is about music. That’s right, MUSIC. Something I’ve never talked about on this blog. So, this year’s most played song is Am I Wrong By Nico & Vinz. My favorites playlist on Spotify is called “thedarkcave’s favorites”. If you want to hear my favorite songs, take a listen to that playlist. Some include: Thriller By Michael Jackson, Uptown Funk By Mark Ronson (feat. Bruno Mars), and of course, the all important Despacito – Remix By Luis Fonsi (feat. Daddy Yankee, Justin Beiber). So, today’s post is kinda weird…

-Mr. Cave


So, right now I want an old smoke alarm, aka the FireX 120-4480, so if anyone is replacing a smoke alarm the looks like: FIREX-4480

Let me know.

There is also another old Smoke Alarm that looks like:FIREX-480

If you are replacing one of those, but don’t know how to throw it out properly, I’ll be happy to take it. Also, I made a new Movie Intro you’ll be seeing pop up around my InCollab™ movies with thedorkcave.

-Mr. Cave

The Big One Was Too Hot…

When Apple announced the iPhone SE, they said that iPhones would come in Small, Medium, and large. People that weren’t ready for a bigger phone were sticking with the iPhone 5S, a device that hasn’t been updated in years. So if you like the size of the 5 or still have a 4s because you don’t want to get a bigger phone, grab the iPhone SE. It’s also the cheapest iPhone on the market, at just $399.99, or 297.33 in pounds. If you have a 4″ iPhone, get the iPhone SE. It’s my favorite iPhone yet. (2nd place is the 3GS)

-Mr. Cave