Crazy Quarantine

Hey, folks! I’m really having a hard time remembering that this website exists for some reason… I’ve really gotta get better at posting stuff here. Anyways… Let’s catch up on all the stuff that’s happened lately.


The periodical cicadas, species Magicicada septendecim & M. Cassini AKA Brood X emerged this year on the east coast of the US! I was WELL within range of the emergence so I got to experience the very loud song. And believe me, it gets loud! Very loud, like a Roomba! But people sometimes EAT them as food, which I don’t get… It doesn’t sound appetizing to me at all, and they’re innocent defenseless bugs that have waited 17 years to come out and then you just turn them into food? Cruel, I must say! After their mating cycle you may begin to notice the ends of tree branches, usually oaks, are all brown & dead. This is from the newborn cicada nymphs getting their initial nutrient from the tree/bush that their respective eggs were layed on. The female lays her many eggs on the ends of tree branches and bushes so that the newborns can just drop right on the ground and burrow down so that when they come up 17 years later they’re right next to a safe tree. (Unless of course, some stupid person comes up and cuts the tree down in which case they’ll be walking for quite a while…)

Of course, we can’t forget about their less popular cousins, the Neotibicen genus. They’re the cicadas that come out yearly every summer, if you live on the east coast in an area where there’s enough undeveloped land left you’ve more than likely heard these little buggers in the morning: I can safely say that I indeed have heard them before, many many times!

New laptop

(At this point my “I” cursor decided to vanish) Let’s talk business strategies, specifically Apple. They’ve established a products ecosystem that lets them just force people to upgrade their devices after several years and also make their devices very fragile and only available to repair if they’re sent to Apple itself… I ain’t having it, though! I had (still do, though) a 2017 Macbook Pro model A1708, and right from the start it had isses… Firstly, everybody I know complained about the butterfly keyboard that was introduced in the 2016 models. I was one of them, because slowly my left shift key started to not work when it was pressed in certain spots. Then, my speakers would randomly die completely and I needed to reboot. If you knew how many tabs (and just programs in general) I had open at a time when that happened , you’d know my annoyance. I also dropped it on the kitchen floor, hit the corner of the screen and made a dent in the aluminum panel that the LCD panel is attached to, and in turn also made the backlight in the bottom left corner of the screen glowing yellow. I also had the first bulletpoint on this page happen to me:

So, it became time to buy a new computer since my other one was having far too many problems. I decided to buy the 2012 13-inch MacBook Pro, which is fully repairable and upgradable. Even though it can’t update to macOS 11.0, it’s definitely worth it to have something I don’t have to pay an overpriced sum to replace corrupted RAM. I’m writing this very page from that new computer!

Welp… My dinner’s getting cold, I’ve gotta stop typing now. Seeya!

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