Boring Day

Hey, everyone! What’s up? I’m kinda bored. Today was a boring day. I wish I could join our cats and just sleep all day. But I’m not a cat! I have stuff to do. Such as… Actually, I don’t really know what to write today. Why don’t you just tell me how your day was in the comments?

-Mr. Cave

Welcome back, Moving Bones, and more!

It has been SOOOO long since I last posted here. Let’s catch up on what’s been going on: I Got a new game in the Animal Crossing series, We got some robots named Cozmo and Vector, and so much more. Anyways, for the purposes of this post, I’ll have to tell you about Animal Crossing. It’s a game where you move into a town full of anthropomorphic animals. And sometimes they can move out, with replacements coming soon. You can convince them to stay, but it might not work. I have a very special (to me) villager named Bones, who just told me a little while ago that he was thinking about moving. Telling him to stay didn’t really help though, he just said “I don’t really want to move either, it’s just out of my control.” Do you think that means anything? Or is it just his way of saying “don’t tell me to do things!”? Please let me know!

Mr. Cave

How to get annoyed!

I ordered a 3-pack of phone batteries yesterday, they shipped yesterday, but they’re not here yet! Normally with Amazon, it comes the day after it ships, So this time it’s a bit strange. Feel free to share stories like this in the comments below! The stories should be about eagerly waiting for something you want really badly but didn’t come for a long time.

-Mr. Cave

Battery Issue?

I just plugged in my VTech IA5874, and the charge light is flickering. That normally means the battery’s no good, but it just started to say “NEEDS RECHARGING” along with a battery symbol with an X over it. What’s going on?

-Mr. Cave

My Top 10 Favorite Zelda Games

Recently we’ve put Retropie (a mod of Linux) on to a Raspberry Pi, and now we’re playing all sorts of games. Most notably, the Zelda games. So now that I’ve played some more games than I actually have real copies, I can make a list of my Top 10 Favorite Zelda Games!

10: Oracle Of Ages & Seasons: Although really good games, something’s just not right about these GBC 2001ers. Maybe it’s the music and sounds? I think so. If it was 16-bit, I think it would be a lot higher on the list.

9: The Adventure Of Link: It’s the Zelda game you play maybe once or twice and then never come back to. It’s so hard! However, there’s an even harder one that’s actually #1 on my list.

8: Skyward Sword: Skyward Sword would be higher on the list if it wasn’t for the Gyroscope Cursor! All the other Wii games with a cursor use the IR Sensor and IR sensor Bar, making it VERY inaccurate.

7: Twilight Princess: Although I’m not a big fan of the Dark art style, that’s not why it’s low on the list. It’s because it’s SO CONFUSING! You can’t play the game for the first time without a Guide!

6: Link’s Awakening: Once again, it’s because it’s confusing. The gameplay itself is very good. Just give me more instructions, Nintendo & Capcom!

5: A Link Between Worlds: Even if I’m still in the first Dungeon, it’s still a very well made game! You can merge into walls and become a mural on the wall! You use this function to solve many confusing puzzles in Dungeons.

4: A Link To The Past: I can’t see where the good is in the game, but I like it a lot.

3: The Minish Cap: Although they went a little crazy with Link’s ears in the sprite,

Game Boy Advance - The Legend of Zelda The Minish Cap - Link Cap

That doesn’t make it a bad game! It’s amazing how good it is, for a 32-bit Zelda game!

2: The Wind Waker: Although I played the HD version first, I MUCH prefer the original GameCube version. It’s technically the second Zelda game I ever played.

NUMBER ONE: Phantom Hourglass: Look how bad his model is!

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 9.43.59 AM

That’s because the DS is 32-bit. It’s good because it’s HARDER than TAOL!

And poor Spirit Tracks, Ocarina Of Time, and Majora’s Mask weren’t played enough by me to make it on this list…

-Mr. Cave