Cave Party!!!

So, have you played/heard of RŌBLOX before? Well, us caves have played it a lot recently. If you want to friend or follow me, thebookcave, thedorkcave, or thechaircave, these are the links to our profiles:!/about!/about


-Mr. Cave

A Very Eventful Birthday

Today was my birthday party! Here are some pictures from my party:img_7177

Of course, a roomba cake! 🙂fullsizerender

And roomba “CLEAN” button cupcakes! 😀

img_7198 (1).png

I also got a Lithium battery for Fee Fee, so now i can use her for 4 hours instead of 1! So that battery is charging up right now.


As well as a happy birthday quote from Fee Fee, sorry. I censored my name for privacy purposes.


A LOT of balloons, all blown up by thecraftcave.




A few happy birthday signs…



A few table decorations…


My early birthday present, progo…


A lego architecture london set…


And a game called Blokus.  pronunciation: “Block-us”

I hope you liked reading my birthday party documentary.

-Mr. Cave

Fixed It! For Now…

Thursday: Texting with grandma, then stops receiving texts. Then begins losing texts. Checks the iPad storage available. Zero KB! Friday Night: Cleared some space off the iPad. Now has 1.1 GB! Saturday Morning: Brings it to thechaircave’s house because it can now text.*



*this post design was just something silly i made up, but what happened is real. Keep in mind that unit had 64 GB to start with. And also keep in mind that texting takes up KB.

-Mr. Cave

We’re Getting there…

So today in my inbox, i found a new “iRobot customer care” email. So now the person who i’m talking with, wants to speak to me on the phone. So… we’ll see how we can do that, because as you my know, i have a jammed mute button, which only happens on the phone, at a store, etc.


-Mr. Cave

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