Cave Party!!!

So, have you played/heard of RŌBLOX before? Well, us caves have played it a lot recently. If you want to friend or follow me, thebookcave, thedorkcave, or thechaircave, these are the links to our profiles:!/about!/about


-Mr. Cave

A Very Eventful Birthday

Today was my birthday party! Here are some pictures from my party:img_7177

Of course, a roomba cake! 🙂fullsizerender

And roomba “CLEAN” button cupcakes! 😀

img_7198 (1).png

I also got a Lithium battery for Fee Fee, so now i can use her for 4 hours instead of 1! So that battery is charging up right now.


As well as a happy birthday quote from Fee Fee, sorry. I censored my name for privacy purposes.


A LOT of balloons, all blown up by thecraftcave.




A few happy birthday signs…



A few table decorations…


My early birthday present, progo…


A lego architecture london set…


And a game called Blokus.  pronunciation: “Block-us”

I hope you liked reading my birthday party documentary.

-Mr. Cave

Fixed It! For Now…

Thursday: Texting with grandma, then stops receiving texts. Then begins losing texts. Checks the iPad storage available. Zero KB! Friday Night: Cleared some space off the iPad. Now has 1.1 GB! Saturday Morning: Brings it to thechaircave’s house because it can now text.*



*this post design was just something silly i made up, but what happened is real. Keep in mind that unit had 64 GB to start with. And also keep in mind that texting takes up KB.

-Mr. Cave