Who’s there? thech. Thech who? THECHAIRCAVE! WHATWHAT! Yep. We’re getting a visit from thechaircave and thetallcave. Today! We’ve done some serious cleaning today. And i promise, that in the next post i’ll talk about wifi like i said in the previous post. 😉


Mr. Cave


Guess what; i built my very own computer yesterday! (And of course I’ve written this with the computer as well!) And it powered on correctly first time! WHAT A MIRACLE! However, we did forget to get the module that connects to WiFi (that is no longer a problem because the usb wifi has arrived) But i can luckily share my connection via my computer (More on that in another post) But the USB WiFi unit is coming  tomorrow. So i shouldn’t have to drain my computer battery every time i want to play ROBLOX. And minecraft. Today we got a new keyboard and mouse so now all is well!


-Mr. Cave

A ButtLoad Of Things!

Yesterday, i came to thecraftcave’s house for a sleepover, because thedorkcave and thebookcave have gone to a friend’s house. So tomorrow is my last sleepover day here, for now. And the last few times i came here, i felt bored, so i brought every single roomba i have, as well as the xbox, and wii U. And just remember, no new post until next week!

-Mr. Cave

Turn Off, Loudo!

Yesterday, i was at thecraftcave’s house, and brought a few roombas, they were: ProGo, and Loudo. ProGo ran a successful complete cycle, while loudo behaved weird. After running for a few minutes, he started doing this: Start then stop, start again, then i pressed the power button to turn him off, then he turned back on again, i pushed the power button once more, and he finally turned completely off. Then after that, i took the battery out so he couldn’t turn back on again… So, i am yet to find the cause of it, and fix it. Contact me if this problem happens to you.


-Mr. Cave