So, right now I want an old smoke alarm, aka the FireX 120-4480, so if anyone is replacing a smoke alarm the looks like: FIREX-4480

Let me know.

There is also another old Smoke Alarm that looks like:FIREX-480

If you are replacing one of those, but don’t know how to throw it out properly, I’ll be happy to take it. Also, I made a new Movie Intro you’ll be seeing pop up around my InCollab™ movies with thedorkcave.

-Mr. Cave

Author: thedarkcave

I'm a very enthusiastic about iRobot products, but don't worry; I make a blog post weekly. If you'd rather see youtube videos instead of blog posts, click this link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn9bY6SEWQjnmbImfVcXd-w

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