My Top 10 Favorite Zelda Games

Recently we’ve put Retropie (a mod of Linux) on to a Raspberry Pi, and now we’re playing all sorts of games. Most notably, the Zelda games. So now that I’ve played some more games than I actually have real copies, I can make a list of my Top 10 Favorite Zelda Games!

10: Oracle Of Ages & Seasons: Although really good games, something’s just not right about these GBC 2001ers. Maybe it’s the music and sounds? I think so. If it was 16-bit, I think it would be a lot higher on the list.

9: The Adventure Of Link: It’s the Zelda game you play maybe once or twice and then never come back to. It’s so hard! However, there’s an even harder one that’s actually #1 on my list.

8: Skyward Sword: Skyward Sword would be higher on the list if it wasn’t for the Gyroscope Cursor! All the other Wii games with a cursor use the IR Sensor and IR sensor Bar, making it VERY inaccurate.

7: Twilight Princess: Although I’m not a big fan of the Dark art style, that’s not why it’s low on the list. It’s because it’s SO CONFUSING! You can’t play the game for the first time without a Guide!

6: Link’s Awakening: Once again, it’s because it’s confusing. The gameplay itself is very good. Just give me more instructions, Nintendo & Capcom!

5: A Link Between Worlds: Even if I’m still in the first Dungeon, it’s still a very well made game! You can merge into walls and become a mural on the wall! You use this function to solve many confusing puzzles in Dungeons.

4: A Link To The Past: I can’t see where the good is in the game, but I like it a lot.

3: The Minish Cap: Although they went a little crazy with Link’s ears in the sprite,

Game Boy Advance - The Legend of Zelda The Minish Cap - Link Cap

That doesn’t make it a bad game! It’s amazing how good it is, for a 32-bit Zelda game!

2: The Wind Waker: Although I played the HD version first, I MUCH prefer the original GameCube version. It’s technically the second Zelda game I ever played.

NUMBER ONE: Phantom Hourglass: Look how bad his model is!

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 9.43.59 AM

That’s because the DS is 32-bit. It’s good because it’s HARDER than TAOL!

And poor Spirit Tracks, Ocarina Of Time, and Majora’s Mask weren’t played enough by me to make it on this list…

-Mr. Cave

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2 thoughts on “My Top 10 Favorite Zelda Games”

  1. I can’t believe Link’s Awakening only made 6th place. It’s my favorite of all time and deserves a spot at least in the top three. Instead of triforce pieces, you collect musical instruments to wake a sleeping whale (wind fish) that sleeps above an egg at the top of a mountain in a dream world! What’s so hard to understand?! I demand a recount!


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