For those of you who don’t know, the programming language that makes up the majority of the web is called HTML. (Hyper Text Markup Language) A basic HTML file looks like this:

Taken in Visual Studio Code

In case you couldn’t tell, that different elements of the code are inside tags, one to start the tag <a tag> and one to end the tag. </a tag> The first line is in the “html” tag. (I think wordpress will yell at me if I use real html tags) That tells the web render-er to start reading the HTML code. Then, there’s the “head” tag. That’s effectively the HTML equivalent of a “.hxx” file (that’s C++ fyi) where you can pre-define certain things, in this case it’s CSS classes that are very similar to functions ( funtionname() ) but they predetermine what the text looks like. Here’s what that same webpage looks like in my browser:

Taken in Firefox

You can do a number of different things with HTML. If you’re viewing this on a desktop then you can inspect this webpage to see what the HTML looks like. One nice thing about HTML & CSS is that you don’t need to compile it like you do with computer programs, so you don’t need tons of builds and source code and stuff. Here’s what an actually good HTML file looks like:

Well, that’s all for now. I think we’ve re-evaluated that my programming skills are pretty bad 😆 So I’ll see you next time on thefinkedfilmsdotcom!


8 Hardest Mario Levels

Hey, there! this post is gonna be about the hardest levels in Mario games. (in my experience) in order of difficulty.

8 – Tubular (Super Mario World)

Super Mario World: Tubular [1080 HD] - YouTube
Image Credit: GamerJGB (YouTube)

This level is the 2nd level in the Special World, and it’s a crazy one! You need to use the P-Balloon to float across the map, avoid the Chargin’ Chucks, and not get hit by the Volcano Lotus’ fireballs. But we’re just getting started…

7 – 9-7 (New Super Mario Bros. Wii

World 9-7 (New Super Mario Bros. Wii) - Super Mario Wiki ...
Image Credit: Super Mario Wiki

In this crazy level, the whole floor is Munchers! They’re initially frozen in ice but the Venus Fire Traps shoot fire and melt them. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s Prickly Goombas that jump out of their spiked balls when hit with fire. And near the end of the level there’s Fire Bros. that throw fireballs that need to melt the ice to get the Star Coin! What in the world, dude?!

6 – World *-1: Rainbow Run (Super Mario 3D World)

After the Checkpoint Flag, hop through the Green Star Ring ...
Image Credit: Mario Party Legacy

This is the first bonus level in the game. There’s rolling RGB rainbows, Spiny Skipsqueaks, Ring Burners, Trapeze Bars, even a hidden Link sprite! But unfortunately, there’s far too much going on here. The rolling platforms are really hard to stay on, the Spiny Skipsqueaks are really annoying, and the Para-Biddybuds are also pretty stupid to deal with. This level has less challenge and more annoyances if anything.

5 – Bubble Blast Galaxy: The Electric Labyrinth (Super Mario Galaxy)

Dolphin 4.0.2 | Super Mario Galaxy | Star 108 - Bubble ...
Image Credit: Free Emulator (YouTube)

When Motion Controls and Bad Level Design collide, Bubble Blast Galaxy: The Electric Labyrinth is born! This is one of the hardest levels in Mario history, and there’s quite a few more, so stick around. Armed with Electric Fences, Bullet Bills, and *stutter* Star Chips… Expect to see more Galaxy levels on this list.

4 – Ghostly Galaxy: Purple Coins in the Bone Pen (Super Mario Galaxy)

Purple Coins in the Bone Pen - Super Mario Wiki, the Mario ...
Image Credit: Super Mario Wiki

The Purple Coin missions in this game are annoying, but Purple Coins in the Bone Pen is brutal! This is also the fault of motion controls, and the pull stars are incredibly annoying to use. Good luck getting this one if you have a small CRT like me…

3 – Rainbow Ride: 100 Coins (Super Mario 64)

Super Mario 64 Walkthrough - Course 15 - Rainbow Ride ...
Image Credit: Nintendo64Movies (YouTube)

There’s 2 ways to get this Star: Either you can spend lots of time getting the coins along the the flying carpet’s path, or you can, you know just wall jump 10-11 time in a row to get 6 blue coins. I elaborate more on why this is so difficult in my post “My Super Mario 64 120 Star NIGHTMARE” (

2 – Darker Side: Long Journey’s End (Super Mario Odyssey)

Super Mario Odyssey - Dark Side Moon #8: Vanishing Road ...
Image Credit: Paranoia’s Dungeon (YouTube)

This is such a stupid level. There’s pretty much only artificial challenge and no real challenge, you have to make stupidly precise jumps on a short time frame, leap from fork to fork, and so much more stupidity…

…And the #1 hardest level is…

1 – Grandmaster Galaxy: The Perfect Run (Super Mario Galaxy 2)

Super Mario Galaxy 2 *Grandmaster Galaxy* [The Perfect Run ...
Image Credit: Meteorz (YouTube)

The only reason this one is higher on this list is purely because you have only 1 health point for the whole time, meaning you literally need to do a perfect run of this level! I don’t know what the designers were thinking when they made this level but it’s also stupidly hard. There aren’t any checkpoint either so that adds to the pain, and there’s some Fire Bros. out to ruin your day! What a pain in the rear-end.

See you tomorrow on thefinkedfimsdotcom!


A Literally Bricked Console

Have you all heard? There’ a NES console made out of LEGOS!

Image Credit: Nintendo Wire

That’s what it looks like. My order arrived on Thursday and I put it together in 2 days. I have far too much time on my hands 🤣

On the other hand, there’s also a LEGO Super Mario kit!

Image Credit: GameSpew

LEGO Mario has a scanner on the bottom of him that can tell if he’s stomped on a Goomba or jumped on a question block (Yes, Mario jumps on top of them for coins) It can also tell if Mario’s jumped off the ground to make the appropriate jumping noises. If you pull his overalls off the swap them out for one of the power-up packs, he’ll exclaim “Mama-Mia!” in a surprised tone of voice, and if you knock him over, he’ll go “Oof!”

LEGO Super Mario Adventures with Mario Starter Course Pre ...
Image Credit: Nintendo Insider

There’s just so much to love about this strange blocky fellow with a screen on his chest, but unfortunately my preorder of the starter kit hasn’t shipped yet, and you need the starter kit to get the Mario figure. I’ll post an update once it ships and/or gets here but in the meantime, I’ve got some LEGO Super Mario Bros. to play. See you tomorrow!


My Super Mario 64 120 Star NIGHTMARE

Heyo, folks! Welcome back to thefinkedfilmsdotcom, the only place you can find people mentally yelling at their Roombas. (not really)

During this quarantine, I’ve taken it upon myself to try and 100% complete at many video games as possible, no surprise there. But there’s one game in question that really got on my nerves:

Super Mario 64 | Logopedia | Fandom powered by Wikia


There’s 120 stars in the whole game, and in each of the 15 regular levels, there’s 7 in total. 6 normal missions and a star for getting 100 total coins in the level. Here’s a list of all the levels:

Bob-omb Battlefield
Whomp’s Fortress
Jolly Roger Bay
Cool, Cool Mountain
Big Boo’s Haunt
Hazy Maze Cave
Lethal Lava Land
Shifting Sand Land
Dire, Dire Docks
Snowman’s Land
Wet-Dry World
Tall, Tall Mountain
Tiny-Huge Island
Tick Tock Clock
Rainbow Ride
Castle Secret Stars (15)

Notice how Rainbow Ride is in bold because that level’s 100 coin star is a NIGHTMARE! Let me explain.

In each level, there’s a blue coin block that looks like this:


Mario has to ground-pound the block and 2-6 blue coins will appear. Each blue coin is worth 5 regular coins. In rainbow ride, there’s 6 blue coins but you have to wall jump 10-11 times to get them all. In case you’re wondering why that’s so hard, in most Mario games if you jump towards a wall you’ll start sliding down it, then if you jump you’ll wall jump off of it. In Mario 64, you don’t slide down the wall. Instead you bounce right off of it and you need to press the A button with near perfect timing. Imagine that, but about 10 times more annoying!

Everything else went relatively smoothly. There’s also 8 red coins in each regular level. You don’t have to spawn them, they’re always there but if you collect them all you’ll get 16 regular coins. (They’re 2 each)

But just today, literally about an hour ago, I managed to get the 100 coin star and 100% completed the game!

That’s all for now, thanks for reading. See you next Thursday at 11AM EST!