Such a strange dream?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!

2 Nights ago, i had the strangest dream ever. Description: So, one morning i woke up at about 7:00-8:00. i looked out the window and i saw………..that one of our trees was on fire! So by the time i was downstairs the garage roof was on fire! then i went back upstairs only to find my mom getting dressed for yoga! (so strange to find my mom getting dressed for her doom!) and then, when i tried to tell her that we’re in great peril, she went down stairs, and when i got downstairs, the entire garage was unprotected! then, we went outside and found some mysterious men in black T-shirts? and THEY were investigating the fire? well then, gotta trust them. so, while they were taking care of the fire, we (Me, my Dad & my mom) went to the adventure aquarium!