My Super Mario 64 120 Star NIGHTMARE

Heyo, folks! Welcome back to thefinkedfilmsdotcom, the only place you can find people mentally yelling at their Roombas. (not really)

During this quarantine, I’ve taken it upon myself to try and 100% complete at many video games as possible, no surprise there. But there’s one game in question that really got on my nerves:

Super Mario 64 | Logopedia | Fandom powered by Wikia


There’s 120 stars in the whole game, and in each of the 15 regular levels, there’s 7 in total. 6 normal missions and a star for getting 100 total coins in the level. Here’s a list of all the levels:

Bob-omb Battlefield
Whomp’s Fortress
Jolly Roger Bay
Cool, Cool Mountain
Big Boo’s Haunt
Hazy Maze Cave
Lethal Lava Land
Shifting Sand Land
Dire, Dire Docks
Snowman’s Land
Wet-Dry World
Tall, Tall Mountain
Tiny-Huge Island
Tick Tock Clock
Rainbow Ride
Castle Secret Stars (15)

Notice how Rainbow Ride is in bold because that level’s 100 coin star is a NIGHTMARE! Let me explain.

In each level, there’s a blue coin block that looks like this:


Mario has to ground-pound the block and 2-6 blue coins will appear. Each blue coin is worth 5 regular coins. In rainbow ride, there’s 6 blue coins but you have to wall jump 10-11 times to get them all. In case you’re wondering why that’s so hard, in most Mario games if you jump towards a wall you’ll start sliding down it, then if you jump you’ll wall jump off of it. In Mario 64, you don’t slide down the wall. Instead you bounce right off of it and you need to press the A button with near perfect timing. Imagine that, but about 10 times more annoying!

Everything else went relatively smoothly. There’s also 8 red coins in each regular level. You don’t have to spawn them, they’re always there but if you collect them all you’ll get 16 regular coins. (They’re 2 each)

But just today, literally about an hour ago, I managed to get the 100 coin star and 100% completed the game!

That’s all for now, thanks for reading. See you next Thursday at 11AM EST!