Welcome Back!

Heyo, folks. Welcome back to thefinkedfilms.com! Since the last time I posted here, some INSANE stuff has been going on. The COVID-19 pandemic started, the racism protests, and so much more…

But right now, I wanna take a step back and tell you what’s been happening with my life lately.

Moth Invasion

A family of moths have decided to make their home in our house. I have no clue where they came from, but we put every single one that we find outside.

More Phones!

I’ve been expanding my phone collection with some new items: Panasonic KX-TG4021, KX-TG2343, KX-TG5421, and a Uniden EXP370.

Beating More Games

I have a backlog of video games that I haven’t beaten yet. Here’s a few of them:

Every Luigi’s Mansion game

Super Mario Galaxy 1&2

Every Zelda game

and many more…

(If I beat any games on this list, I’ll take it off.)

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a fine quarantine!


Author: thedarkcave215

I really like blogs! You should make one too. Wordpress (which is what I use) has a free plan so you don't have to pay, although there's of course subscription plans to "enhance" your experience

One thought on “Welcome Back!”

  1. Thank You Very Much for the updates. They were very interessssting!!

    Have a Wonderful Weekend!!




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